About Us

Michaela-Noel – daring to be different.

Our Mission:

To provide young ladies with an option to be fashionable while still being modest.

Michaela-Noel is owned and operated by Marisa Pereira Consulting LLC.
The   Michaela-Noel story

Marisa has a teenage daughter and in the Fall of 2010, despite looking high and low, was frustrated in her efforts to find clothes for her that were suitable for church or special events. What she found on the market was either too casual, too risqué or poorly made with cheap fabrics – “disposable clothes”. The children’s category options were a little too childish and the ladies category likewise, offered options that were not proportioned for the junior market and that were a little “too boring” for a young lady that wants to be cool and yet classy.

Marisa realized that while we may instruct our daughters how to act and present like ladies, we provide them no option to achieve this in their dress. She believed this was her “calling” – to use her experience and abilities to provide these kids viable options to be fashionable yet modest. She moved from formulating a business plan to sketching – dug into her savings and created a collection. The brand is named after her daughter Michaela Noel.

About Marisa:

Marisa is no stranger to the apparel industry. She has been designing and developing product for the apparel and home textile industries for over 20 years, in the Greater Atlanta area.

Her apparel products range from fine furs and ladies’ church and business attire to women’s, men’s and children’s sportswear. Her home products assortment ranges from fashion bedding, table top, bath, window treatments, rugs, toys/pillows, decorative pillows and yes – even pet beds!

She has worked with a wide range of well known manufacturers, clients, personalities and licenses and she has had the good fortune of working both in front of and behind the cameras. Prior to obtaining her degree in Fashion Design, Marisa earned a degree in French including a minor in Psychology. She effectively combines her design and psychology knowledge in her product development.

Marisa has addressed several adult and youth organizations on the topic of Image and Self Presentation, encouraging and teaching them how to make a memorable impact without compromising their values.